Different types of annealed wire,which would you choose?

The black annealed wire is drawn from Q195 low carbon steel wire rod into black wire, then calcined at a high temperature of about 1000° for a sufficient time, and then cooled at an appropriate speed. The purpose is to reduce the hardness and increase the flexibility of the wire. It is softer and more flexible than ordinary black iron wire, with uniform softness and consistent color. After annealing, the wire becomes softer and more flexible, very suitable for building binding,rebar tie wire, garden baling wire, wire mesh weaving, etc.
Annealed wire is classified according to color, and is divided into black annealed wire and white annealed wire (also called soft cooked wire,Italian is called filo cotto bianco), both of which can be used as binding wire. The difference lies in the color and elongation. The surface of white annealed wire is clean, free of impurities, and its color is white ( Figure 2). The advantage of black annealed wire is its low price, and it is often used as rebar tie wire (Figure 1).
The anneal wire is classified according to the shape, and is divided into black annealed bulk wire and small coil annealed wire. Black annealed bulk wire(Figure 3) each roll weighs 500-1000kg, and the winding state of the wire is unwrapped from the upper side to the bottom of the roll instead of from the outer to the inner,so it can save time and effort. The small coil annealed wire (Figure 4) weighs 1-25kg per roll, and has the advantage of being light and easy to carry.
There is also a kind of annealed wire,coil wire, which is neatly arranged, compact, clean and tidy in appearance, and has a small coil diameter. It is mostly suitable for garden binding and daily binding (Figure 5).
The above are the five types of annealed wire. We can choose the appropriate annealed wire according to its coil weight, color, elongation and the usage etc. .
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