Our History

My grandfather started business about 50 years ago. At first, due to the limited sales of hand-knitted products, the output was greater than the sales volume, and the items could not be exchanged for money, so my grandfather helped everyone to expand the market and went to big cities to sell hand-knitted products. The first batch of sales staff helped the villagers to expand their sales channels, which greatly improved the quality of life in our village.

Diamond mesh
spiral tomato climbing support

About 30 years ago, my father came into contact with a wire mesh production machine by chance while selling agricultural products. He did not want to rest on his laurels and be confined to this agricultural product boom. Research and development, successfully developed the first spiral tomato climbing support (suitable for any climbing plant). The production boom was once again in the village. The birth of the first wire mesh product here made our village go to the hometown of wire mesh. After another five years, on the basis of stabilizing the spiral climbing trellis, my father and a few classmates began to study the production of diamond wire mesh. Finally, the hard work paid off and they finally succeeded. In this way, agriculture is not the main source of income. The village was officially transformed into a township with industrial production to drive the economic development of the village. Our family has since embarked on the road of wire mesh manufacturers.

With the continuous expansion of production, the types of wire mesh are also increasing with the market demand, and the product quality is getting better and better. The stability of the international form allows us to focus on the foreign market, and send more and better metal products to various countries in the world, so that they can also use these high-quality and low-cost products. Product quality and corporate reputation are what we have always valued the most, and because of this, we have won the trust and support of many foreign customers. Since then, we have become both partners and friends. We have a long way to go on the road of foreign trade. We want to make our products better, our services more comprehensive, and to bring more, more advanced and more innovative products to everyone. Welcome friends from all over the world to visit our factory and discuss cooperation.

Post time: Sep-14-2022

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