Soft annealed wire white soft cooked wire

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White Soft Annealed wire 333g – Packaging 25 kg in Carton (75 pcs.)

Light weight and performing, as it weighs only 333 grams,

it is highly recommended for daily work and avoids all the problems associated with handling heavy loads.

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White soft annealed wire of 333g (also called coils,since the wire is wound in coils) are used for various types of binding, particularly in the construction area, for binding rebar for reinforced concrete.


The wire spools are sold in packs of 75 pieces for a total weight of 25 kg.

This product weighs only 333 grams and is simply held in one hand.

White soft annealed wire are soft and easy to work.

The film that covers the reel is made to avoid contact of the wire with the air and thus protect it from rust.

It is flexible and has good extensibility, so it is ideal for any type of binding in construction, agriculture and industry:

Agriculture, for vineyards, orchards, greenhouses, etc.

In industry, as a material for fences, loose mesh nets, welded wire mesh nets, etc.

In the field of construction, it is often used as the binding of steel bars etc..

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