Bright Annealed Wire Rewound Coils 500kg 800kg Per Coil

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Material: Q195
Wire diameter: 0.9-5.0mm
Coil weight: 500kg-800kg/coil
There is only one thread in the whole coil
The opening method is that each roll is from top to bottom, not from outside to inside
Smooth pay-off, no tangle

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White bright annealed wire is also called vacuum annealed wire and oxygen-free annealed wire. Its color is white and bright, and the surface is clean and free of impurities, which makes it cleaner and more environmentally friendly. White annealed wire, bright in color, not galvanized wire, environmentally friendly and harmless.

Low carbon steel wire through cold drawn become the specified wire diameter,which is produced through an annealing heat treatment based on a controlled nitrogen atmosphere, assuring a completely scale-free surface. This process gives the wire the characteristic of high ductility and stable tensile strength. High ductility and uniform tensile strength make the wire suitable for diverse uses. White annealed wire designed for the construction industry: soft and easy to use, such as high-quality binding, the use of automatic strapping machines, etc. In addition, it is also used in industrial fields, such as high-demand steel wire surface treatment, automotive airbag accessories, etc.

Annealed Wire

Annealed Wire

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