Metal Tube Trellis Semi Circular for Drainpipes (Set of 2)

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(Pack of 2)Metal Tube Trellis.

Ideal for concealing unsightly drain pipes.

Manufactured from metal wire with black powder (or green powder)coating to offer protection against rusting.

Each piece of tube trellis has fitting rings, allowing to be attached easily to the wall.

These tube trellises can be used together to form a round cage which can be used as a tree guard for young trees, sapling and shrubs.

Size of each tube trellis: 900mm high x 200mm wide

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Stack one trellis atop the second and place them against a wall to camouflage a drain pipe, use these items as traditional trellises against a wall, using the Tube Trellis add fun style to an outdoor wall.

Combine them to create a dynamic 8″ diameter tube trellis surrounding a tree or lamp post. Situate them above climbing plants or vegetables for a hearty support.The green, plastic coated finish helps these pieces blend with the outdoors.

This Tube Trellis is the ideal product to use to have climbing plants growing up and concealing unsightly drainpipes.

Metal Trellis Plant SupportMetal Tube Trellis Semi Circular for DrainpipesDrainpipe Tube Trellis

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